Yellow Rose – Connection to elder (grand)mom with Maya McNeil

Maya McNeil on Imperfect Parenting Podcast 2020

Where are the keepers of wisdom?

Do you see them regularly? Are you challenged by their values? Or, are they a core part of your world, as parents, family and teachers/learners of the world. Both kids and elders have so much to teach one another and us.

What is your story with the elders of your family?

So often, I see that either families are very connected to their elders, or rarely see them. Yet, every family has their own story of disconnection and connection that can’t always be easily told. Life and families are complicated. Our stories have so many layers and on different days and in different circles we will talk about different deeper points along the way.

Remember the wisdom keepers. Especially in this time when too many are alone, need a smile and have so much to offer.

Maya McNeil Playing “Yellow Rose” on Imperfect Parenting Podcast
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