The secrets of Stay at home Dad Life

Mats and Magnus may originate from the same country, yet their attitudes toward being at home with the kids couldn’t be more different. While maybe some things are the same, like getting kids outside and not living by same rules as mom (does that ever happen?)

If I am honest, I really hope Mats doesn’t forget this conversation! I love the part where he says he and his wife relax together, that they don’t think about themselves to the point of frustration (like we often have.. this “when is it my turn” attitude which causes too much grief, stress and even sometimes resentment). At same time, while the “expectations” are more honest about the situation.. there is still a sense that each parent is managing to stay on their career or inspired paths of creating and giving their gifts to the world or using them. Magnus is building things and having the kids parallel with similar activities. His wife continues with medicine.

Life is over-full in these early years. This conversation was a clear view on some of the realities and secrets to contentment and survival as a stay at home dad still on his path, yet realistic about the pace, interruptions and more.

Have a beautifully imperfect stay at home dad-like day!

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