Mom Overload

.. to say I am overloaded, right now.. is like saying the Titanic had a small accident.. I am calm, somehow.. well actually by some miracle meditation and rituals just for me in AM are working.. But, honestly, I am not sure how.. How am I.. packing a flat alone with a very intense 3 year old who doesn’t want me out of her sight for more than a couple of minutes because she is stressed and worried I will disappear like dad. And, while we are alone some weeks while my husband is with his son. And, I am actually packing for moving things to 2 countries. Packing our bags to fly. Making food every meal for my daughter and I. Caring for our pets. Caring for house, buying groceries Prepping house to not be mad mess it is now, but beautiful for landlord and future renters and so on.. “No,really.. I’m fine”.. because I have to be.. I’M A MOM”.. exhale..

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