More toilets, please.

I am not spoiled. Never had more than one toilet growing up. I survived fine. Plenty of people may not even have a private toilet or modern conveniences. I am not trying to be bratty Yet, well.. epiphanies happen in the strangest of moments!

Its a funny thing.. knowing you have to find your way back to “success” after things have unexpectedly fallen through and you just aren’t there.  

The moment, I knew? This morning, I wake up early in the family cabin in forest and I am dying to pee, but daughter holds on tight.  Finally, I can get away.. I am so happy, relieved.. or nearly.. then, just as I roll away.. “freedom, at last!”..someone else gets up and goes into the toilet. Uh! No!  So, I wait behind the closed door because if I wait by bathroom door someone will talk with me and 1. Wake me up more than I want to or 2. Wake Ella and that would be a disaster this early.  So, i wait. And, just as I hear the door finally open.. yes!! Someone else walks in and shuts the door! Ah! Come on! Again waiting, longer this time because well of course it’s longer, because I am getting warm all over. Now, I am not so sure I even want to go in, but little choice.  Ok, maybe I could just go under a tree, but frankly I am not in the mood to “cop a squat”, definitely not up for being eaten alive by the plane sized mosquitos or having wet grass stuck to my feet. So, I keep waiting. What is taking so long?! Ick, There goes the toilet paper roll, thump thump, thump..uff really need to re-drill the roll holder to the other wall.. who puts a roll holder where someone’s sleeping head will be on other side of wall anyway?! It sounds like thunder or an elephant stomping the wall as you sleep. Ok, maybe my husband slept through it all those young years out here. Or, never had the nerve to say anything, but ack.  We could have taken any room, the better Master bedroom, yet, somehow this smaller darker cave room felt better, but seriously the toilet roll rumbling and hearing more about all family guests than you ever wanted to know.. hmm.. No, I am not a prude. (Yes, I finger type very fast, if you are wondering, yet it is as well.. taking this long..). Oh no, the toilet seat will be warm. Don’t you just hate that? Am I the only one who gets a little icked out by this? Mozi bites itching, now. Don’t scratch, don’t scratch. It’s fine, they will be out soon and I can sleep again. Soon, soon. Oh! The door is opening. Finally.  Maybe I need to let the seat cool a minute. Wait.. do I even have to go anymore?! Sigh. This, is why I need to find our success, again. I think ahead to our next life in the New World country and whatever home we find, create and build..we simply need more than one toilet in our lives.. Funny, the things that drive and motivate us to success..for us and for our families.. it’s never exactly what we expect!!

Have a beautifully imperfect day.

P.S. In this new phase of sharing, inspired by Cathy Heller, I write quickly, do very quick edit for screaming spelling errors and move forward to publish before I delete it all. It’s an experiment.

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