Heat fried or mom brain?

Days of heat and I begin to wonder what is mom brain and what is this unbelievable heat. On most days, I can hardly get things done as a mom. Too many distractions for this internal mom. I lose my train of thought on the way to another room. The heat of summer and all the changes and looking for ways to shift my beloved work to suit motherhood, my own daughter’s growth and joy and my own partnership is taking a toll.

The only way to survive and thrive on most days, is for certain.. “following the energy. I said it for years to my coaching clients. And, have followed true to it. Yet, when in such a narrow space of time as the time between the “have tos” and the “want/need tos” for one’s soul, this commitment becomes that much stronger. To thrive, we must schedule our meetings, and connect ups, or work sessions and moving things all in the strongest part of our month. The end bit of the month is self and community reflection time and a time within recognizing the beauty and gifts there, the heightened intuition and the ever flowing information that we truly need. If you add meditation or a calming, centering mindfulness practice, then it just takes things to the next level.

I am in my fuzzy phase. A good time to purge things, because all I crave is peace around. The challenge is to take it a slow pace, one box at a time. One drawer at a time, otherwise, with the packing.. or projecting, I personally become overwhelmed. We have to “do it the puffin way” as they say on Puffin Rock (Ella’s number one favorite show on Netflix)..”slow and easy, the puffin way”. Allow ourselves this time, it is important recharge time, getting ready for the next phase of action.

There is soooo much buzzing in my head. So many ideas I am so excited to share with all of you. So much I look forward to growing and creating. If I could wiggle my nose, “bewitched” style, I would bring it all now. Yet, that journey and evolution along the way is where the gold is and that as well is an important piece.

I am so passionate about all of you. Your dreams. Your visions. Your frustrations. Your truths. Coaching is only a word. It is about supporting a journey. And, as we work together, there is little to do but both grow.. all of us together.

Making soy yogurt pops for the family, listening to the buzz of fan and screaming children in the background, thankful to not be in the sun any longer.

Looking forward to picking cherries, laughing with Ella and our friends out in their garden.. I just have to do some heavy lifting of going through the annoying corners of the house, 1st.. to justify such pleasures.. so that Ella can feel some vague balance of sweet summer, rather than.. packing, sorting moving stress.. She and the cat are less than thrilled with the constant movement in our flat.

I hope to see all of you slowly entering the IP Parents Facebook group so we can have some fun in the coming weeks.

For now. I am just sending words out into the ether.

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