Strawberry morning

Even with all the madness of our lives, a new day begins and my daughter wakes up, asking about the strawberries in our terrace garden and all I can do is smile.

“Mommy, do you think they are ready, today?”, Ella says with shining eyes, 1/2 naked and barely eyes open, in the heat of the morning. “Yes, baby, I’ll bet there are some juicy red ones, just waiting for you to pick them.” We walk out, happy to explore, only to find that my husband has decided for the 1st time to put the laundry dryer out, blocking all access. Ella just looks at me, like “what is this?!” We laugh and find our way to the planter boxes, and are over joyed to see a few that are just right for eating. Ella sweetly picks one for herself and puts the whole thing in her little mouth. Then, slowly picks one for each of us. Mats is in awe of how much better “off the vine” is compared to even the freshest that we buy. And, we all start our day with a big, big smile, as the heat of the day already beats down on us and we head down to make breakfast.

As I am cooking eggs, my osteo calls and cancels our much needed appointment as he is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a mystery breakdown of his car. Normally, I would be feeling this moment, when I know my back will get no relief for weeks, with this call. Yet, the faint taste of strawberry still lingers in my mouth and I only feel empathy for him. Stuck, in heat, a whole day of patients being canceled, his family in the distance, us waiting and no sign of a mechanic or help in the near future. It was much worse for him.

In the end, as I looked around our messy house and thought about all the sorting for the move I had upstairs, I knew that everything happens for a reason. So, today will look different. Less rest, more work.

Yet, strawberries are reddening on the vine. And, more energy will be moved in the house. And, our imperfect reality of madness, papers and “things to do” will slowly diminish and today.. is just another day to bring unexpected thoughts and clearing.

Later, an interview with another author, over the internet and then, an evening with the family with less chores to do.

Let today’s mishaps be just a ripple in the stream of the day. And, let fresh strawberries bring simple joy amidst chaos and daily realities of parenting life.

~Inspired by Alba and her basket of strawberries..remind us to go look in our little boxes for the fruits of spring labor and the joy they bring


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