Independence Day – A path through motherhood

On a path to purpose.

A new era of motherhood

A new era begins… As Ariel, at Imperfect Parenting and as a woman and mom on the planet. Have you been feeling things shifting, these past weeks? Seems like big things are moving. A time to look at the old, let go of what doesn’t work, what we don’t want to pass along to our kids and move forward into the light of hope and possibilities in a way that allows the fullness of what you a mom, parent and person are meant to be and do and experience. Things are deepening as I dive into the work of the podcast and my own inner work of coaching, mother and wife.

Space for true work within motherhood

I look and feel what we are putting out in the podcast, blog, and life and why I am here, with you/for you. The hope in creating this parenting community is helping one another find joy, peace and purpose, in the every day, regardless of the madness.

It feels like a shifting of time, standing at the edge of something. And, as I feel the beauty of the freedom, openness, hope and more that is coming with re-gaining my path and purpose.. I feel myself taking you there with me. We are on this journey together, and I want to share all that I am learning.. I don’t want to feel tired, angry, repressed or frustrated anymore, just because days and weeks go by and I hardly get things done as before and I don’t want that for you. We are too valuable, too much to offer is bubbling inside, so let’s grab the reigns of life and make a new way. I am working deeply inside and out and will share with you as much as my brain and heart allows. I do my best to be open, and in moments hold back and come back again.

Take what works for your own soul and leave what doesn’t, that’s all we can really do with all the information buzzing around is all the time. Because I vision for YOU a good and fulfilling life and hope you can also grab onto your dreams with both hands, as I am working towards, now.

Truly engaging with you in our “inner Circle”

On this path, this journey, there is a hope for not a monologue, yet a conversation. I like to think of our podcasts and blogs as a conversation on my couch, having a chat with you, sharing stories, introducing you to people I meet along the way, sharing ideas, thoughts, ideas and growing things in our circle. I hope to also hear more about what is happening with your world and where we can grow something important to you. Maybe we will pop a survey in here to ask you a couple things, or put it in our IP group. What is important to you? What challenges you? What part of this story speaks with you, the most? What would serve you, as we are moving forward? You can write us a private mail or join our inner circle on the facebook group connected to our facebook page. There we will continue this conversation and soon I will do a live coaching session to open the conversation, even more. Come join us!

Independent kids.. incredible and full on

Let’s face it. As a mom/parent, it is frecking tough to stay on path, purpose and even a straight line of thought, most days. And, having a fiercely independent child is a massive on taking which creates what feels like very little space for us and our things. Yet, we just have to find new ways of managing what seems impossible, sometimes.

We must remember that our kids are like long term investment package. At 1st, seemingly frustrating, keeping you at the edge of your sanity with the ups and downs. Yet, in the long run, growing something big, strong and lasting. This is Ella and all of our kids with spirit. They can create a lot of chaos and require loads of focus (wait, maybe that’s all kids?), yet all the spilled bubbles as they try to consolidate bottles as you do. All the backward clothes put on because they “don’t need your help”. And, all the other things they do along the way to grow confidence and true independence.. it’s all worth it.. (Though we, the moms/parents are going a little coo coo on the way. ) Later, and hopefully now too, we can just smile.. proud, and joyous that they find their own way. It’s just our job to as well help them with empathy, contribution to community and generosity of heart and more. We lead the way.. and this is the tricky piece.

We grow, they grow.. parenting responsibility..

We grow. They grow. They grow. We grow. Power-full. Every day I feel Ella showing me how she is self sufficient. sometimes it looks like “bossy”, yet really, she just wants to show me what she has learned and can do alone. Taking a breath helps. The exhaling of that breath.. even more essential to survival and balance within all this growing up. Shifting my “reactions” within, into “understanding” in my verbal conversation is important and I most of the time I manage that, but yeah, I am human, who isn’t?

Opportunities to teach and learn

As we come back to the learning.. I can’t help but come back to Resilience Parenting and Chris and Holly and failing well and using moments for opportunities to learn, a lot with these young people. It’s work, but so worth it. We have a massively important and intense job and responsibility in parenting. Imagine, our kids come with some things already within them, then the environment, thinking and so on we expose them to and provide= all the “stuff” for later.. good, bad and enlightened. Whew! Big!

Each moment that is maddening, is often a moment to not only teach our little ones, explore values, difference, culture and more, yet as well a learning moment for us as parents. What are our own values? Do we really want to pass these things along to the next generation? What work to we have ahead of us and now to shift our thinking, our old patterns and engrained ideas. Having a child makes us look at EVERYTHING, every moment. We have a choice, blue pill or red (yes, the Matrix, what can I say, love sci fi though this one has been over used), conscious or unconscious. Yet, once we make that choice there is no going back. We see and hear and feel it all and the path is clear and strong, yet so worth it. Right? To grow a happy, confidence, generous, kind, open hearted, strong.. etc human.. being a part of that.. Letting these growing people find their OWN way with supported guidance, without any expectation except the best for them? What a gift for our children. What a gift for us.

A mother’s need for her own space

I don’t know about you, yet regardless of the responsibility we have with our offspring, the yearning for my own time, space and “me” time and “non-doing” screams at me, daily. Yes, we have this massive responsibility to these growing creatures. Yet, remember in this teaching by doing, we must also show our kids how we have our “work and path” and ourselves to take care of too. It’s OK to talk about it. Even my 3 year old understands that mommy needs her time.. to work, create and have peace time, as well as to have yummy presence time with her.. Coming into my own Independence of family.. inside the family, away from old thinking that doesn’t work or fit us, any more is not a choice, but necessary to be a good and happy mom/parent/person on this planet. I don’t want to be angry, hungry tiger mom/wife because I am not prioritizing my own needs and path. That brings deep sadness which is really what the angry grumpiness is, most of the time. Keeping priorities .. family and us.. is the only way. And, it’s where things grow. Grow the space and time.. grow self and things to contribute to world that will as well support you and family. It all comes full circle. It’s not selfish, it is your right and all will benefit.

The interview that woke me up

Do you want to know where something shifted? Podcasting in Real Life interviewed me about Imperfect Parenting podcast (which was so weird and cool at same time) and.. hearing my own words about the podcast journey, woke me up. Too funny, right? I am a coach. I go through all this in my own head all the time. And, I KNOW the value of coaching and or having things reflected back to us. This is where we truly see. This is where someone sees us and shifts us toward the paths and direction our souls already know we are on. So, this moment, shouldn’t have surprised me. 1st it was hearing my own words come out. Yet, it deepened when the show aired. I realized, the world now knew what was in my heart. I didn’t hold back. I didn’t keep it in my pocket for me to glance at like

Coming back to you as person inside parenthood

This journey I have been rambling on about, it’s all about coming back. Back to me, you back to yourself, back to your partner in a way that is more connected, deepening understanding with your kids. We often step away from the things that bring us full light, energy and joy, saying they aren’t important, because we can’t get to them. Maybe it is just the drama in family, the intensity of the early years of parenthood, as in my own story, or maybe your own version of that. This is where our souls start to darken and things turn sour. You and I.. we fell off our paths, we have to clear the fog and get back walking toward what’s important to us.. Life is too amazing not to!

We love our families ..and have to as well, to re-commit to our own paths. Kids are intense! Partnership is challenging. Bonus family draining and pushing all limits. Yet, path is path and its yours. You have actually always been on it, but like when pregnant or putting on the extra pounds.. you just stopped being able to see your feet for awhile. It’s OK. “it happens”, as we say a lot in our household when letting go of the stress of messes and accidents, yet it’s time to do better.. for us and for them.

While the fireworks are going off

As you BBQ your food, whether in the US or somewhere around the world, with drinks that cool you down and bring a smile, remember YOU. And, it doesn’t matter fireworks are overhead, or only in your mind and heart.. let today be the day that you start to reconsider all you have to offer. All that your kids haven’t seen of you, yet. All the world is waiting for. This path, your path.. the one you are on, this deeper purpose, the zing.. even if you can’t taste it again, yet.. it’s there.. If you are ready, just open your heart to letting the signs come.. and that’s really all you need. Perhaps there are rituals that you want to put into play? I have mine too. Those, I will share more in the near future and you can see where we align and where you have your own unique way. Something good.. is “just around the corner” as my Czech friends say. So, just wait for it, if you haven’t stumbled or discovered it.., it’s close.. excited to grow with you.

When we get a few more people into our Facebook group, I will offer a live event to see how I can support all of you and your own dreams.

Have a beautifully imperfect day.. full with visions for you.. and deepening of purpose and path..

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