Celebrating important moments and benchmarks in family lives

World meditation Day

World meditation day May 21, is all about drawing in goodness to our families, communities and planet. Each day many of us pray, meditate or wish for more peace, balance and joy and light. We hope our highest hopes and imagine the best version of things. This is just one day of many.. where people worked to align.. Yet, each day is a new day to attempt our best and move forward as we can, with good intentions.

Don’t get stuck in every day Family madness

Every day life can mire us down in all the logistics and madness that comes with family. Of course, we love our families and want to be with them, support them and grow each other up. Well, most of the time. However, we can’t let ourselves get so overwhelmed with the mind-numbing details of the constant input overload coming from multiple directions. We must stop, and smell the roses.. and celebrate.

Stop and smell the family roses

We must stop and smell the roses, moments to celebrate, benchmarks and more. Life is too short not to celebrated all the goodness and sweet moments that make us smile.

Let today bring more joy and balance.

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