“What would you ask the world?” 4Human21 in Northern California with Petra Schwarz Koutska

We catch Petra and family on the road in Santa Cruz, on their way to my home zone. Sebastopol! At last, the vision is clear as they finish their fantastic video about 4Human21 project, vision and give us a taste of what they are creating!

!!Watch this video before listening to the podcast! All will be much more clear !

Adaptable. Gorgeous scene

“What’s your question for the world?” What would YOU ask Petra, family and 4Human21?

We hope you can meet up with them, soon! I did get a little cheeky and make some suggestions of where 4Human21 might connect with you, just in case you all have burning questions and want to meet them LIVE!

If you are in Marin or Sonoma County, California, right now, you may be able to catch them at a Farmer’s Market! God to their Instagram and Facebook page where you can connect and see where they are. AND, if not possible, then PLEASE, write your thoughts, encouragement and “your question for the world”! They are very happy to hear from you.

Joy of travels, with all the bits between bumping up against us. We loved what Petra said about Joys and trouble-shooting. Listen to what she says, this week.

Kids make travel look so easy!

Watermelon joy

No matter where we are, parenting has constant ups and downs and we have to laugh and keep finding the way.

Mindfulness: Trust in all timing

This week: Do your best to pay attention to the moments when lose energy to moments out of your control..

Do you get angry, frustrated and lose energy to moments out of your control.? When things seem mis-aligned and you start to stress, like when poor Petra was running looking for wifi signal and I was sitting thinking she forgot our meet up. Has it happened to you?

As parents ( and really all people), our energy is so precious. Can we really afford to lose any along the way? How often is energy lost when it’s just as things are meant to be?

Question of the day:

This one is for 4Human21! “What would you ask the world?” Please, write us, or leave a voice message on our Facebook group. Or, write or leave a message on 4Human21 Facebook group. Engage! Connect! Share your thoughts! The world wants to know.

A few of our favorite things will include places, today

We love WILDFLOUR BAKERY in Freestone California. It’s no secret that their “sticky bun” is some delicious sticky magic that rarely makes it all the way home. It’s a tiny place, often very busy, outside Occidental, on the way to and from the beach. You can watch them bake and create and have a small picnic and peer through the fence at their garden. Always loads of cars and so worth the stop. Usually open Wednesday-Sunday, if you make the drive. Maybe you will even catch Petra, Ondrej and the kids having a snack on their way out to enjoy California poppies, ice plants and the Wild Pacific Ocean waves or sand doons of Salmon Creek.

We hope your next journey brings joy between all the madness.

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