More about Ariel and Mats

More about us

We are nearly 50 & 50, with a 2 year old =  life is never boring.

Ariel is from Northern California wine country, worked in corporate, wellness, taught school kids and now is a mom 1st and Conscious life, family and business coach and writer/podcaster, after.

Mats was born in Stockholm, Sweden, worked in IT, most recently IT for German stock exchange, and has 2 other kids from a previous marriage to a woman from yet another country.

Between us we have lived in several countries, had various jobs, survived divorce, bonus kid reality, blended & unblended family and more.

Currently living in Prague, Czech Republic ( can’t get used to “Czechia) with regular time in US, Sweden and around the world.

Now, writing and jumping into podcasting along with raising our daughter and working differently as we work out each day what is meant to be for the good of the whole.

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