Imperfect Parenting Podcast Mission Statement

Imperfect Parenting Podcast Mission statement

Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about the IP (imperfect Parenting) community that we work to create and connect, each week.  We hope together to create resources and relaxation and energetic space for each of us to be the parents (and creative people), we are meant to be for both our kids and our selves.  We MUST stay on our own paths inside the madness!

Each week, we work towards getting you back to your path.  We recognize you as experts, sharing your knowledge with one another.  We honor, support, validate and empower you, as you guide, trip & fall and learn along the path of parenting.  We have one thing in common.  We are parents.  Imperfect, just as we are meant to be.

What is your story?  We want to share conversations with all  versions of parents/guardians.  All types.  All configurations.  All countries.  Different styles, various genders and non, multi-cultural/multi-national couples/singles, expats, guardians, adoptive parents, step/bonus parents and other versions of parenting reality we may not yet have imagined or experienced as of yet.

We will show you the ways we are similar and meet/align and where we need patience when it comes to how others see the world.  And, that we are all human and need to be well used for our own fulfillment and leading way for our kids.

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